Q: Does Maglock® Air fit my helmet?

A: Yes, The Maglock® Air fits all helmets that use the standard 1.25in helmet barb and air hose (ex. Bell, Impact, Simpson, HJC, Pyrotect, Stand 21 and more!). We also offer a growing line of adapters for those that choose to use a different barb or air hose. 


Q: How strong is the Maglock® Air? I race off-road and I am concerned about disconnecting in rough whoops and g-outs.

A: The Maglock® Air was born and tested in the toughest terrain in Baja. From the intense G’s of high speed ovals to the dunes of Dakar, Maglock® Air holds strong with 20lbs of pull. 


Q: I’m having issues with the Maglock® Air disconnecting. What should I do?

A: By simply switching over to our super flexible Maglock® Air Hose, you will completely remedy these issues as well as reduce neck fatigue caused by stiff and bulky air hoses.  


Q: What kind of warranty & return support do you offer?

A: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we want to know about it. Return your unused product within 90 days of purchase to receive a full refund minus the shipping expenses. Every purchase comes with a 1 year factory backed warranty that completely replaces any parts with manufacturer defects at Maglock®’s discretion. 


Q: Is Maglock® Air approved to use in my series?

A: Maglock® Air is approved by the heads of safety and used in Nascar, IndyCar, SCORE, BITD, IMSA and many more.  


Q: Is Maglock® Air fireproof?

A: While nothing is truly fireproof and even though Maglock® Air is not required to be fire resistant, Maglock® Air is proactive as it’s constructed of fire resistant self extinguishing nylon infused ABS plastic. These are the same high quality plastics used in helmets as well as popular head and neck restraints. It’s very likely that your current air hose doesn’t meet the same fire resistant standard as the Maglock® Air or the Maglock® Air Hose.