FluidLogic™ Driver Tyler Reddick Wins 2022 NASCAR Cup Series at Road America

FluidLogic™ Driver Tyler Reddick Wins 2022 NASCAR Cup Series at Road America

Late Race Focus and Reaction Time is One of the Keys to Winning for Tyler Reddick. Playoff-bound Reddick Uses FluidLogic™ Smart Hydration System to Stay Hydrated From Start to Finish. 


FluidLogic™ of RainMaker™ Inc., is pleased to announce driver Tyler Reddick’s NASCAR victory in the NASCAR Cup Series race at Road America in Plymouth, Wisconsin this Fourth of July weekend.

With 17 laps remaining, Tyler took the lead from Chase Elliott, withstood Elliott's pursuit over the final long run, and pulled away at the finish to take the win! This is Tyler’s third full season in the NASCAR Cup Series, and his first career victory in the premier series.

Tyler has been running the FluidLogic hydration system from RainMaker Inc. this entire season. The FluidLogic hydration system is the most advanced personal automated drink system available. FluidLogic delivers precise bursts of fluid through a nozzle integrated into the driver’s helmet microphone. Drivers are reminded by a steering wheel light to hit the steering wheel button.

“I’ve learned that proper conditioning plays a vital role in staying sharp in the final stage of the race,” said Reddick. “Since I began using the FluidLogic™ system for my hydration needs, I can focus more on driving without having to think about getting the proper amount of fluids throughout the race.It keeps me hydrated, and it’s made a significant difference for me this year.I am more focused and perform better towards the end of the race and feel better afterwards.”

Stay Hydrated on the Go

RainMaker is at the forefront of active hydration, aiding the performance of athletes in motorsports and more with automated drink systems that simplify body hydration. Our innovative line of FluidLogic products make hydration simple and efficient.

FluidLogic is an intuitive, automated, active hydration system, featuring quick release magnetic connectors and a sleek, ergonomic design. Our system is created for decision-makers and end-users in all motorsports industries who are looking for an edge in performance, and athletes of all disciplines who want to increase their performance.

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